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Mother-Daughter Relationship Counselling*

  • Do you want to improve your relationship with your mother or daughter or both?
  • Are you feeling like your needs are not met?
  • Are you tired of not being heard?
  • Are you feeling like you cannot express yourself freely in your relationship with your mother/daughter?
  • Do you feel your relationship with your mother/daughter is unhealthy?
  • Does your relationship with your mother/daughter cause you pain?
  • Do you want to start to heal and break dysfunctional intergenerational cycles?
  • Do you feel silenced or find it hard to advocate for yourself?

If you answer yes to any or all of these questions, read on.

As one of the very few Certified Mother-Daughter Relationship Coaches in the UK, I will help you develop a roadmap for emotional empowerment and generational change by recognising and understanding the connection between you, your mother’s and your grandmother’s lives.

Mother-Daughter Coaching is based on the Mother-Daughter Attachment Model (Rosjke Hasseldine), a best practice model that makes the complicated dynamics between mothers and daughters easy to understand and provides the roadmap to heal and strengthen the Mother-Daughter relationship.

Using Mother-Daughter history mapping and other tools, I can help you find answers and solutions to the conflict and struggles between you and thence into your relationships with the wider world. I help women, together or alone, in person or online, to uncover the underlying causes for conflict and disconnection. We will create together stronger and more emotionally connected relationships by listening to yourself and each other, learning how to meet your emotional needs, and developing a new understanding of each other.

*Daughters need to be over 18.

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